Changing the face

of people experiences

in banking and finance 


Who we are




A People Experience Consultancy. 


We partner with leaders in banking and finance, who have a unique idea, product or service. 


To scale up successfully with less stress, and more success.  


Driving sustainable people growth.


What we do




We provide some TLC.


Partnering to design and deliver people-centric

and profit-fuelling people strategies and experiences.


Building and aligning strong CORE TEAMs, where everyone is seen, heard and valued.


Creating workforces which fuel innovation, creativity, and growth. 


'It's not whom you hire, its how you connect'





Purpose + People = Performance + Profits 

We're on a mission for business to see people-before-profits ,

reduce employee burnout and stress in the workplace 

Why we're different 






We're shifting leadership into a new way of thinking.


Creating a PIVOT in their people strategy, so businesses with

purpose can make the biggest impact!


Transforming outcomes, feelings, and experiences.


Raising the status quo...     





Make Powerful People Experiences (PPX)

Your Competitive Advantage 



The most successful and forward-thinking businesses not only

have unique ideas, products or services. 


They attract the best talent, gain market share quickly and secure investment.




They consistently focus on building out the most diverse, innovative

and high-performing teams with the right conditions to thrive. 



They use the power of Powerful People Experiences (PPX) 
















Put people at the heart of your business strategy.

Create Powerful

People Experiences (PPX)

Enhance creativity,

innovation & growth

Increase positivity, productivity & performance

Attract the right

workforce fit for the future

Connect a workforce that

communicates & collaborates


Build a thriving organisation 

Increase diversity

& inclusion  

Support mental health & well-being 

Un-lock people potential 

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