Temp Hire 


Select the model and transmission which best suits your current hiring style and route, where you have the ability to move up or down a gear, as your business changes and grows. 

          Each Model, let's you to enjoy a different hiring experience.

If you are looking for something more bespoke or have multiple hiring requirements, speak to us about custom designing your own Model.



        No Up-Front Costs
         60 Day Payment Terms
         Model B
         Dual-Control £4,995
             The most progressive hiring experience for Business leaders looking for a hybrid hiring solution that delivers an unparalleled and electric performance              with many qualities of our premium Executive Search transmission. Perfect for senior level roles when looking for a cost effective solution with high-                  performance results. An innovative concept with the combination of cutting-edge technology and enhanced scientific data with high-performance                    advanced hiring training, makes the Dual-Control a hiring breakthrough, even at faster growth. Due to this optimisation, you can                                                  expect to make more informed hiring decisions and identify those all important high-performance 'sweet spots' to leverage your core talent in their                  new role. 


               No Up-Front Costs
               Don't Pay for 90 Days & 3 Months Access for Replacement Requirements
            Be confident that you have the right employee, before paying anything. 

             Model A
                   The Automatic transition creates the luxury of a self-hiring experience, designed to make your hiring not only effortless, but stress free.
                   What's distinct about our Automatic transmission compared to the Manual and Dual-Control, is that you can sit comfortably in the driving seat                          with the safe knowledge and assurance that your hiring is going in the direction that you want, but whilst also still being in total control. We                                work with you to pre-program and design your hiring strategy around your business, adapting throughout your hiring journey, with                                              no interruptions to your day. You just need to sit back and log-in, as and when we up-date you. Have onboard more than a co-driver but a brand                       ambassador and recruiting partner.  
              Same as Dual Control +
                  Executive Retained Search/Brand Ambassador
                   -  Sole focus on constantly sourcing, tracking and interviewing high-performing core talent. 

                   -  Manage the process, freeing up your time and energy.

                   -  Identify and understand the culture and vision of the business and find people aligned to these values and candidates who ‘fit the mould’.

                   -  Proactively headhunt.

                   -  Act as a Talent Manager to develop your new starter

                   -  Will become more scalable and will steer you away from making poor hiring choices. 

                   -  This resource will allow you to expand more quickly and effectively by designing and implementing a strategy to maximise your core team                                  profitably.

                   -  They will do all of the hard work, so you can focus on other business demands.

   No Up-Front Costs
               Don't Pay for 90 Days & 6 Months FREE Replacement
            Be confident that you have the right employee, before paying anything. 

        Tailored Services 

          We can also work closely with you, to tailor a transmission and package to suit your requirements. 

           Temporary Connecting Solutions

         Core Hire Contract

               - Contract hire agreements spanning over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months

         Core Hire Rental

               - Holiday, sickness and emergency cover

         Core Hire Test Drive 

               - The perfect way to hire and work your way up to taking on a full time core team member, spreading the overall cost over a period of tim





Volume Increase of High Quality Applications 

Reduction in Recruitment Costs

Reduction in CV Processing Time 







Increase in Employee Engagement 

CV Inaccuracies Detected Through Employment Checks   

Increase in Productivity 

Increase in high quality applications 

Millennials Left their Role Due to Lack of Career Growth

Increase in Volume & Quality of Applications 



Hiring Diagnostic

Hire Strategy Consultation

Rental Hire 

Luxury of a Self-hiring Experience with Executive Retained Search 

Ideal: Time Precious and Quality Focused

Contract Hire 

Hybrid Hiring Minus the

Premium Price-tag

Ideal: Senior Roles/Fewer Resources. 

Test Hire 

Cost Effective and Outcome Driven With you in the Driving Seat

Ideal: Multiple Hires/Resourcing Team 

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