​Phase 1

Prepare for Growth


  • Prepare team for the shift into a people growth culture. 


  • Design 3, 6, 9, 12-month people and performance strategy plans.


  • Lay foundations to strengthen the team.  


  • 90-day leadership/individual strengths coaching. 


  • Strengthen connection, communication, and collaboration between the team to and identify any skills, strengths or culture gaps.


  • 1:1 people support. 


  • Identify if the current team are in the right roles or reposition. 


  • Strengthen company culture to set up for growth.  


  • Set up the processes and resources to attract, identify and assess the best talent. 


  • On-hand head of heart-count and people. 


  • Create positive employee experiences. 


  • Unlimited e-mail and telephone support to guide decisions. 



Phase 2

Build Out A+ Team to Perform 


  • (Re) Design, implement and manage the people strategy hiring strategies in line with business goals. 


  • Create new roles around performance and business objectives. 


  • Create and actively use employer and job branding.


  • Map the candidate journey.


  • Prepare teams for interviews of new hires. 


  • Attract, source and hire an A+ Talent.


  • Build on company culture.


  • Create solutions for building a pipeline of active and passive talent. 



Phase 3

Raise A+Team to Outperform


  • 1:1 People support - look after hearts-counts.


  • Maintain and strengthen culture to keep your people happy, connected and high-performing. 


  • Weekly check-ins. 


  • Monthly check-ins to ensure in right roles and have the right support and resources. 



  • Personal 1:1 strength coaching to keep connection, communication and collaboration present. 


  • Create 90 personal development plans.


  • Negotiate the best rates for providing training. 


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