A Strong       is the Foundation for Growth 

Pivot in change of strategy, not vision - Eric Ries



Step 2. Is your People Strategy and Experiences (PX) Working for you
or Against you?



  • Clarity - Is the team aligned to your vision, values and displaying a high level of positivity, productivity, and performance? How much time and energy are you investing in our people?


  • Analysis - What impact is your People Strategy and People Experiences (PX) (or lack of) having on your brand, performance, and profits?


  • Evaluation - What is working for you, against you and how can you consistently improve? What steps can make your People Strategy and Experiences (PX) your competitive advantage for winning the war of talent and turn your Purpose + People = Performance + Profits?


'How we feel at our core, isn't always how we show up'


As your business grows, your current team may also not be equipped for future growth or possibly have all the skills, attributes and strengths to drive the business to the next level. 


The team needs to comprise of individuals who each have a diverse skill set and are not shy to challenge leaders.


There needs to be a strong CORE team. 


A high level of Confidence, Openness, Responsiveness, and the ability to Engage. 


But when people step out of their comfort zones, feel challenged or stressed (like during periods of change or growth) CORE levels can lower - which can cause stress internally, affect performance and in turn profits.


The culture will also shift as the business grows, as well as the technology and processes used to get you to where you have.  


'Awareness is the greatest agent for change' 


Do you need to make a PIVOT in your People Strategy and Experiences (PX)?












Benchmark your people processes against 12 Key Areas of People Focus with our PIVOT AUDIT and see where you can make some 'quick wins' and long term strategic plans to creating a more people-centric workforce over 30 + 90 + 180 days. 

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