It's Not How Many Dots There Are

April 2, 2018



It's how the dots join, that count. 





I understand why leaders and hiring managers can be drawn to longevity on a CV, but does longevity provide a false pretence? 


Do we assume that employees will be more reliable, valued and a committed worker if they have stayed at a company for a long time?


Or does it merely provide a quicker way to hire with less to understand, question or query?


What if the said company found it easier to keep the employee than let them go? We can never presume and need to go purely on facts over feelings. 


Life is never linear and rarely do things always go to plan and allow us to go from A to B effortlessly.


Everybody has a story to tell, and there are many reasons, some chosen and some not out of choice which shape which direction we go in.


When I see more roles on a CV, I see this more of a positive than a negative. (within reason, of course)


More stories and learning opportunities shared and the chance to understand someone’s journey, how they feel and connect with them on a deeper level.



‘You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.’ Steve Jobs.



Every dot means something and contributes to where you are now. 


Has my life gone precisely to plan? No. But I know that I would not be doing what I am doing if it had. 


A CV is merely a prompt sheet to ask questions and discover more.


This week, I ‘interviewed’ a lovely lady for 2 hours, but it was more of a long chat, where I got to understand who she was, what drives her and discover her passions and aspirations.


Did I get to see that from her CV? No. It came from investing time in getting to know her, not skimming her CV, judging or comparing, but seeing her potential. 


If you are looking for someone who is going to be integral to your business, investing the time to get to know who they are over what they have done is essential. It’s what the candidate is capable of in the future and more importantly if you are on the same page. 


They may not be ideal for another company, but could be perfect for you. 


That’s why I love using video, as it captures those little details and makes a CV come to life.


Looking at the videos again, you pick up less on the words they are saying, but how they tell them, their enthusiasm and personality.  



What are your thoughts?


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