Hiring In The Dark?

April 13, 2018






Back in November, at a career fair in Cologne, Aldi experimented hiring all interviewees in the dark.


I don’t think hiring in the dark is too far off the traditional methods 🙈. When you are looking at just a CV, you are in theory hiring blind. 


You have little idea about the actual person, their emotions, drivers, how they communicate etc.


The idea around Aldi’s method was to stop prejudice - to eliminate judging on 1st appearance. 


Except the human brain is hardwired to judge.


Our survival mechanism evaluates behaviour when we meet someone, so we are going to decide using the senses we have. 


In fact, when we don't use some of our senses, the senses we do use often become heightened. Maybe we would judge more on accents, tone of voice or use of vocabulary??


So, even if we are meeting someone in the dark, we are going to form an opinion either way.


The key is to know this is a natural occurrence, be consciously aware of it and train ourselves not to use this initial opinion to form a hiring decision.


Personally, what swings an interview is a connection you form.

Combined with having all the facts and profound insight.



It’s the eye contact, the reading of body language and really ‘connecting'.


People being themselves and getting to know each other.


If you have screened correctly, the face to face interview should all be about how you connect.


Leaving less opportunity to form a biased opinion and get to know your interviewee for who they are


Thoughts on hiring in the dark, yay or nay? 

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April 13, 2018

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